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Car Care Tips: How to safely park your car on the road during Diwali season, Details

Car Care Tips: How to park your car on the road during this Diwali season, Details

Car Care Tips: You may be surprised to learn that one of the main causes of India’s rising auto theft rates is improper or unlawful parking, as reported by the police. It is essential that you abide by certain dos and don’ts if you live in a city with heavy traffic and limited parking. In addition to preventing accidents and keeping the car safe, doing this will keep your car in good condition. With Diwali coming up, you need to be even more cautious while parking your car on the road because you never know who will throw a firecracker at your beloved car. In this article, we will share some parking tips that might be useful for you if you park your car on the road, especially during this Diwali season.

Car Care Tips: How to park your car on the road

Park your car in well-lit places

When parking, make sure the space has plenty of light and is not too close to other cars. As a result, antisocial elements will naturally be discouraged. Additionally, it will aid in the detection of obstructions such as jutting corners and potholes.

Do not leave valuables in the car

Be sure to securely lock the doors and roll up the windows after parking. In addition, keep in mind that leaving valuables in your parked car, such as electronics, jewellery, or a phone, can encourage thieves to try to break in.

Do not park next to large vehicles

Parking your car next to another car that is around the same size is a fine idea, but stay away from parking it next to a van, bus, truck, or other large vehicle. Cars that are large can get in the way of you and make driving difficult. They could also be hiding places for robbers who want to steal your car.

Try staying out of areas where people might burst crackers

Crackers can be a huge problem for your car. Kids do not understand the consequences of bursting crackers near cars or bikes, so mishaps are a possibility. In such a case, you need to make sure that your car or bike is not vulnerable to such activities.

Do have an insurance

It takes more than just understanding how to park your automobile to keep it safe from harm or theft. Even with the utmost vigilance, theft can nevertheless happen occasionally. Under such circumstances, having a comprehensive auto insurance policy can be beneficial. Your own property in an accident, theft, natural disasters, and third-party claims are all covered by comprehensive auto insurance.

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