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Dearness Allowance Hike: Good News! THIS State Employees to Receive 5 Months’ Arrears

Jharkhand Dearness Allowance Update: Unveiling the 4% Rise and Seventh Pay Scale Implications

DA Hike
DA Hike

Dearness Allowance Hike: In a significant decision by the Council of Ministers, state employees in Jharkhand are poised to enjoy the benefits of an increased Dearness Allowance (DA), resulting in a four percent rise. The Finance Department has formally approved this increment, with a corresponding resolution being issued.

Previous DA Rate and New Increment

Previously, state employees and pensioners were receiving dearness allowance at a rate of 42%. However, with the latest decision, this figure has been raised to 46%. The enhanced dearness allowance is scheduled to be implemented from July 2023, and the additional amount for the months of July, August, September, October, and November will be disbursed along with the November salary in December.

Seventh Pay Scale Criteria and Revision Updates

The announcement specifies that the seventh pay scale beneficiaries, including state employees, pensioners, and family pensioners, will be eligible for this increment. Rule 34A of the Jharkhand Service Code outlines that dearness allowance will be calculated based on the basic pay, excluding special pay and personal pay.

Additionally, the order clarifies that as part of the seventh pay revision by the Central Government, pensioners and family pensioners will receive approved revisions effective from January 1, 2016. The pension revision details for these beneficiaries have been duly estimated.

The Central Government had increased the Dearness Allowance in October, leading to the state government’s approval in a prompt cabinet meeting. Within five days of the proposal’s approval, orders for the increased allowance were issued. This move aims to bring financial relief to the state employees and pensioners, aligning with the recent adjustments made at the national level.

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