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Dream Interpretation: The Symbolic Depths of Dreams; Decoding the Meaning of Drowning in Water

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: Drowning seems to be a very straightforward metaphor for a person’s psychological state: People frequently discuss how they are drowning in deadlines, emails, or tasks. They usually indicate that, unless they soon obtain a lifeline, the overwhelming amount of commitments, sentiments, or impossible circumstances threaten to drag them under.

Drowning as a Metaphor

According to J.M. DeBord, author of The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings and administrator of Reddit’s dreams thread, the same meaning applies to dreams about drowning.You want to begin with how a dream could be enacting a metaphor,” DeBord tells the Cut. “As you’re dreaming, your mind is going through a process of collating and sorting your memories from the day, clearing out the memory banks.” It presents your experiences to you as symbolic imagery, he says: “a picture that says a thousand words.”

Water as an Emotion-Conveying Metaphor

Fourkiller claims that dreams regarding submersion in water represent your emotions. These could be feelings from the present or from the past, she explains. DeBord holds a similar viewpoint. Water is an excellent metaphorical representation for emotions, he says, because just being “a conscious being experiencing emotions can [make you] feel like you’re immersed in them.” Like water, emotions are fluid; they arrive in waves that ebb and flow, and they will easily fill whatever vessel that is accessible to them. According to DeBord, if your emotions are too strong, your dream may depict you drowning. Or, if you are metaphorically drowning in your emotions, a dream may literally depict that.

Exploring the Weight of Water and Emotional Burdens

Having said that, it’s also feasible that the water may represent any aspect of your life that makes you feel weighted down, or perhaps more specifically, the emotions that burdensome aspect makes you feel. For instance, even though you may feel as like your work is drowning you, the stress is what is really pushing you under. If you substitute emotions for any aspect of your life that makes you feel burdened, you might start to comprehend the dream of drowning.

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