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G20 Summit: Millets Take Center Stage! G20 Leaders Dine on Nutrient-Rich Cuisine

The G20 Summit will feature the tastes of India as world leaders savour delectable millet-based food, reflecting the nation's rich culinary tradition and dedication to sustainability. Discover the significance of the International Year of Millets (IYM) 2023 and India's goal for this nutrient-dense crop on a global scale.

G20 Summit: World leaders who have gathered in Delhi for the G20 Summit, including US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, will be served mouthwatering Indian cuisine, including dishes made with millets. The United Nations General Assembly approved the proposal for the International Year of Millets (IYM) 2023, which was sponsored by India. This incredibly nourishing and healthful crop has become much more well-known due to its favourable effects on the environment.

Serving Indian Food at G20 Aligns with Unity Theme

According to G20 India Special Secretary Muktesh Pardeshi, who was referring to the summit’s theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (One Earth, One Family, One Future), the decision to serve Indian food, including dishes made with millet, to the G20 leaders not only highlights the country’s rich culinary heritage but also fits with the theme of unity and a shared future. “Besides, 2023 is the year of millets, and millet-based dishes will also be served,” Pardeshi was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

IYM 2023 as a People’s Movement for Millets

IYM 2023 should become a “people’s movement,” according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also wants India to become a “global hub for millets.” Pardeshi mentioned sweets and stated they would showcase India’s diverse culinary culture. He predicted that ghewar might also be served, keeping the season in mind. Additionally, he announced that inventive millet meals would be provided in all hotels where world leaders and delegates were staying. Thanks to the efforts of tribal women Raimati Ghiuria and Subhasha Mahanta, world leaders and delegates will also have the chance to sample delectable millet cuisines from Odisha, according to news agency PTI.

Odisha’s Tribal Women Share Insights at Bharat Mandapam

At Bharat Mandapam, two ladies from the Odisha tribal areas of Koraput and Mayurbhanj will provide insightful information about millets, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating practises. More than a billion people in Asia and Africa consume millets as a staple diet, and they are currently farmed in more than 130 nations, including India. Delegates were fed millet meals for lunch and dinner at numerous G20 gatherings conducted prior to the main summit. Leaders have sampled a variety of dishes made from millets, including Ragi Litti and Chokha, whether it was at the G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting in Goa in June or the G20 Culture Ministers’ Meeting in Varanasi in August.

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