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Hidden Camera In Hotels: 7 Things You Should Always Check When You Go Out To Stay In A Hotel

Hidden Camera In Hotels: Two men were recently arrested for allegedly recording a couple’s private moments in a hotel room and threatening to release the footage to get money. Police say that the accused would book hotel rooms and put hidden cameras in them to record couples. Sources say that the cameras were set up in such way that the people who clean the building wouldn’t notice them. The Maharashtra Police took an LED lamp set from a budget hotel in Mahabaleshwar in 2019 because they thought it might have a hidden camera inside. The complaint said that the camera was secretly filming people who were staying in the room. Before you get comfortable in a hotel room, it’s always a good idea to look for hidden cameras and microphones. Here are 10 things and places that you should always check in a hotel room.

Check the alarm clock’s speakers or speaker mesh for hidden cameras

Inside the speakers and speaker mesh of alarm clocks, it’s easy to hide a camera. Also, use your flashlight to look carefully at low-hanging clocks. If you’re not sure, it’s easiest to cover them with tissue paper.

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There are often hidden cameras in reading lamps and lava lamps, so check them carefully

Always look at everything in the room, whether it’s a fancy light, a reading lamp, a photo frame, or something else. If you don’t know what something is or think it might be a device, take it away and put it in a drawer or almirah in the room, or cover it with a tissue, towel, or something else.

Check the TV and its set-top box

You should also check the TV and set-top box in the room. Look for the power button and turn the light on. Here, the best way to do it is with a flashlight. Use a bright light and shine it all over the room, especially on things you suspect. As you move the light around, look carefully for reflections, especially blue or purple ones.

Check the doorknobs, closet knobs, drawer pulls, and curtain rods

The cameras can also be hidden on doorknobs, closet handles, drawer pulls, and curtain rods. Check them carefully for cameras that might be hidden.

Check the flower pots

Flower pots are another place where cameras could be hidden. Use a torch or flashlight to check them. If you aren’t sure, take them away or cover them. If you feel unsafe, you can also ask the hotel staff to take away the fake flowers.

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Look in the mirror for hidden cameras

Mirrors in the room, almirah, and bathroom are a must-check. Here, the best and most reliable test is the two-way mirror test. Here are the steps. Put the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface. If there is a space between your fingernail and the image of the nail, it is a regular mirror. But if your fingernail touches the image of your fingernail, it’s a two-way mirror.

Check where you put your towel and hairdryer

Look for pinhole cameras in bathroom towels and hair dryer holders. Also, look for their hooks. Small, hidden cameras can also be there.

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