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If not yogi, what could Sadhguru have been? Find out here

Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru is a man of many talents whose knowledge goes beyond imagination. He is a mystic creature whose willingness to enrich his followers with valuable life lessons is worth heaping praise. We all know Sadhguru as a Yogi who actively advocates for the Save Soil movement. A disciple of Shiva, Sadhguru always leaves followers enchanted with his conscious state of being. There are many hats that he dons but did you know Sadhguru could also have been a doctor? In fact, he joined a medical college, too, for the same. Scroll below to find out the complete story.

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Sadhguru could have been a doctor?

Sadhguru swears by Yoga as a way of life, but did you know that he could have possibly been leading a totally different life? A life that would save the lives of the people. In a conversation with Curly Tales, Sadhguru revealed that his father’s idea of success was to become a doctor. So, he asked him to join the university and do a master’s. Following his father’s order, Sadhhguru did attend Mysore University but he would spend his entire time cooped up in the library. Despite constant pressure from his father, Sadhguru could not believe in the process and instead choose to educate himself. 

Sadhguru on Yoga

Sadhguru believes Yogic system to be a set of tools for self-transformation that are designed to bring one to this state of union. 

In Sadhguru’s words, “Yogasanas are not exercises. They are very subtle processes of manipulating your energy in a certain direction. It needs to be done with a certain level of awareness. There are various levels of doing asanas. You can practice asanas just physically, or more deeply, being aware of the breath, sensations, reverberations, being aware of the nadis, or with appropriate mantras. You can even do asanas without moving a limb.”

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