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Inspirational Stories: From Rejection to Revolution! Know The $40 Billion Success Story of Canva That Began with a Simple Idea

Inspirational Stories: If you use social media, you’re undoubtedly used to posting pictures or even making interesting videos for sites like Instagram. Even if you don’t enjoy using social media, you have probably been into circumstances when you needed to modify images or had trouble updating your online resume. You’ve undoubtedly heard about “Canva” during those times.

Touching Nearly 98% of the World’s Population

Canva has gained enormous popularity all around the world. With 190 countries represented among the company’s users (or 195 if you count Vatican City and Palestine) and 193 UN-recognized nations, it is safe to conclude that almost 98 percent of the world’s population has been impacted by Canva in some manner. Over 60 million users have joined Canva, based on the company’s own statistics.

A Tale of Innovation, Perseverance, and a $40 Billion Valuation

Canva’s success is well-deserved because it makes a lot of tasks simpler. Canva has revolutionised photo editing by enabling users to quickly and easily produce high-quality images, including posters, banners, templates, and more. Previously, assistance from a professional was needed for projects like these, but Canva has democratised design. Canva’s success story is nothing short of inspirational. It is a story about perseverance and overcoming hardship. Canva initially encountered constant denial from investors. In just three years, more than 100 investors rejected them. Melanie Perkins, the founder of Canva, insisted on following through with her plan. She ultimately saw success as a result of her persistent dedication, and today she is one of the select few who have built significant riches through their own efforts. The most recent valuation for Canva is a staggering $40 billion.

From Teaching Design to Designing the Future

Melanie started working with Canva in 2007 while juggling a part-time job in Australia teaching desktop design tools. The software at the time was expensive and complicated, taking a whole semester to understand. Melanie had the idea to develop an economical, user-friendly design platform that was available to everyone during this encounter. So, Canva was created.

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