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Inspirational Stories: Turning Rejections into Triumph! Know About This Indian Programmer Who Scored a Rs 1.9 Crore Deal with Microsoft

Inspirational Stories
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Inspirational Stories: The road to success frequently includes failures as stepping stones. Failure or rejection can help us achieve by teaching us an important lesson. Manu Agrawal’s life story serves as an example of how tenacity and exertion always pay off. Manu has made great strides in his work, rising from a salary of just Rs 10,000 to one of Rs 1.9 crore.

A Beacon of Learning in Software Engineering and Programming

He now founded the Tutort Academy, known for its master’s programmes in software engineering and programming. Data science, artificial intelligence, data structures, and other topics are all covered in these courses. Manu Agrawal, who is from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, received his fundamental education at a government school with a Hindi-medium curriculum. He wasn’t the most responsible student and struggled in maths. But he was resolved to face his flaws head-on.

From AIEEE Success to Microsoft Excellence

After receiving a strong AIEEE score, he pursued a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) at Bundelkhand University. Later, he pursued his master’s degree at the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirappalli. In 2016, he obtained a paid internship of Rs 10,000. He pursued his MCA after earning his BCA and submitted multiple applications to businesses. Manu attempted despite receiving at least 35 rejection letters from companies. Manu Agrawal was an amazing programmer. He was offered a job after receiving an internship at Microsoft. He received a salary deal from Microsoft of Rs. 1.9 crore in Seattle, Washington, according to Navbharat Times.

From Google Engineer to Tutort Academy Founder

Despite his achievement, Manu’s interests changed when he was compelled by his family to return to India during the Covid-19 era. After returning to India, he worked for Google as a software engineer. After that, he decided to create Tutort Academy in partnership with his friend Abhishek Gupta.

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