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Know who is Anil Menon, son of Indian immigrant selected by Nasa to become astronaut

Meet Anil Menon, son of Indian immigrant selected by Nasa to become astronaut

NASA on Monday selected 10 new astronauts, half of whom are military pilots. The space agency ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration’ (NASA) introduced these six men and four women astronauts during a ceremony in Houston.

Anil Menon of Indian origin is also included in these astronauts. Anil Menon is the Medical Director at SpaceX and hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He is also a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force. His parents were of Ukrainian and Indian origin.

They will “plan, train and fly missions to the International Space Station, to the Moon, and eventually to Mars”.

Prior to this, Anil Menon was the surgeon of the SpaceX flight, which was the first space flight of SpaceX with humans. At the same time, he has served as a crew flight surgeon in NASA on various missions that took astronauts to the International Space Station.

Menon will be the first man on the Moon as well as part of the mission to land on the Moon’s new cool location. He is one of the three astronauts who are currently serving in the military.

Talking about personal life, Anil Menon, born in 1976, is married to Anna Menon and they have two children. Anil has also come to India many times.

Houston is the center of ‘Mission Control and Astronaut Corps’. For this more than 12 thousand people had applied. The selected 10 people, aged between 30 and 40 years, will be given training for the first two years to make them eligible to travel in ‘spaceflight’.

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In addition to fighter and test pilots, these 10 people include a medical physicist, drilling specialist, marine roboticist, SpaceX flight surgeon and bioengineer who has also been a champion cyclist.

Two astronauts from the United Arab Emirates will train with him. Since the ‘Mercury Seven’ in 1959, NASA has inducted 360 people in its astronaut corps. The last time an astronaut was selected was in 2017.

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