KYC Fraud: Cautionary Appeal to Bank Customers: Stay Vigilant to Prevent Cyber Fraud

KYC Fraud Alert

KYC Fraud: A cautionary appeal has been made to bank customers to remain vigilant against cyber fraud, urging them to contact their nearest bank branch for Know Your Customer (KYC) updates. The appeal emphasizes the importance of not sharing personal banking details, Aadhaar card information, or OTPs (One-Time Passwords) with anyone.

Cautionary Appeal to Bank Customers

Bank authorities have advised customers to promptly dial the helpline number 1930 in case they encounter any suspicious activity or suspect cyber fraud. This proactive step aims to ensure immediate assistance and intervention in potential fraud cases, thereby safeguarding customers’ financial interests.

Stay Vigilant to Prevent Cyber Fraud

In recent times, instances of cyber fraud have seen a concerning rise, with fraudsters employing sophisticated techniques to dupe unsuspecting individuals. These fraudulent activities often involve phishing attempts, wherein individuals are tricked into disclosing sensitive information such as bank account details or OTPs through deceptive means.

To combat this growing menace, banking institutions have been actively engaged in raising awareness among customers about the various modus operandi employed by cybercriminals. Additionally, stringent security measures and protocols are being implemented to enhance the overall cybersecurity framework and mitigate the risk of fraud.

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