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Making of a Qasba – The Story of Amroha: From important events to people, the making of a city that had a role to play in India’s independence

Inam Abidi Amrohvi is a software consultant and digital marketer based out of Dubai. He is also a person who is firmly rooted to his roots. Inam has a passion for writing that has culminated into his first book ‘Making of a Qasba: The Story of Amroha’. This book is all about a small Qasba situated in Uttar Pradesh which has produced a host of talented individuals who have carved out a niche for themselves in their respective fields. Several books have been written on the Qasba but mostly in Urdu, Hindi and Persian. ‘Making of a Qasba: The story of Amroha’ is the latest edition to this list but in English for a change.

‘Making of a Qasba: The story of Amroha’ review

Making of a Qasba: The story of Amroha’ by Inam Abidi Amrohvi is an insightful and informative account of the development and evolution of the town of Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, India. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the town’s rich history and cultural heritage, as well as its economic and social transformation over the years.

The author’s personal connection to the Qasba is evident throughout the book, as the he weaves together a compelling narrative that combines personal anecdotes and memories with meticulous research and analysis.

The book is divided into six chapters, each of which explores a different aspect of Amroha’s history and development. The first chapter provides an overview of the town’s geography, climate, and demographics, as well as its cultural and religious diversity. The second chapter delves into the town’s early history, from its humble origins to its transformation into a thriving urban centre.

The third talks Amroha’s role in the Uprising of 1857 and fourth chapter sheds light on how the Muslims’ support to Mahatma Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement was initiated in Amroha. The fifth chapter is perhaps the most interesting and insightful, as it explores the cultural and literary heritage of Amroha. The author delves into the town’s rich tradition of Urdu poetry and literature, highlighting the contributions of notable poets, writers and scholars, who hailed from Amroha. The books also talks about mangoes, town’s cultural observances, and finally Amroha’s current state and future prospects, including its ongoing efforts to modernize and attract investment, while preserving its cultural heritage and traditions.

Throughout the book, the author’s writing is engaging and informative, and his passion for the town of Amroha is evident on every page. He expertly weaves together personal anecdotes and historical facts to create a vivid and compelling portrait of this unique and fascinating town.

Overall, ‘Making of a Qasba: The story of Amroha’ is an excellent and well-researched book that will be of interest to anyone interested in the history and culture of India, and particularly to those with a connection to Amroha or the surrounding region.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.in.

About the author

Inam Abidi Amrohvi, is an internet entrepreneur, author, and editor. He writes on a range of topical subjects and has contributed articles to various publications including Hindustan Times, Times of India, Gulf News and News Laundry. Inam has also edited publications like ‘IT Magazine’ and ‘InfoStore’.
Originally from Amroha, his family migrated to Lucknow in the late 1970s.
Inam holds a masters in computer applications, and manages a software consultancy dealing in cloud-based solutions.

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