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Nirula’s Legacy! Meet the Man Who Introduced Fast Food and International Ice Cream Flavours to Indians

Explore the life of the genius who transformed Indian cuisine as we go on a delectable journey.

Nirula’s is more than just a restaurant for anyone who grew up in capital Delhi in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s a feeling. Before McDonald’s and KFC entered the nation, the restaurant revolutionised the city’s eating-out scene and exposed a whole generation to American-style fast food. It was commonly associated with their hot chocolate fudge.

Deepak’s Early Years and Influence on Nirula’s

Deepak, who was born in New Delhi on April 3, 1952, contributed to the brand’s growth in northern India; as of right now, the restaurant chain has 70 sites nationwide. It has been generating amazing experiences for generations, ever since the Nirula family launched its first restaurant in Connaught Place in 1977. Navis Capital Partners acquired Nirula’s Group in 2006. Within its Noida ice cream facility, Nirula’s opened the first ice cream museum in India in 2007.

Nirula’s Emerges Amidst Connaught Place Construction

The history of Nirula begins in 1942, during the early construction of the city’s famous Connaught Place, a circular colonnade designed in the Georgian style. Lakshmi Chand and Madan Nirula, two brothers, leased a sizable ground-floor space in the neighbourhood and launched Nirula’s Corner House, a restaurant offering Indian and continental cuisine. It was popular right away. The restaurant gained notoriety for introducing a number of firsts to the city, including its cabarets, flamenco dances, and magic acts.

Diversifying Culinary Offerings

Once India attained independence in 1947, things began to shift. The family made the decision to close the restaurant and create three other locations in the same location as the number of patrons decreased. Among these were a French brasserie, with 150 seats, a modern café, and the first Chinese restaurant owned and operated by Indians, which operated for more than 50 years. The family continued to experiment in the following years, opening a number of other “speciality” eateries in the neighbourhood, bringing new ice cream flavours, pizzas, burgers, and soft drinks within the budget of the middle-class Indian population.

Nirula’s Evolution into an Extended Community Hub

Nirula’s evolved into the city’s extension, silently observing all the history created both within and outside the hotels and stores that line the famous Connaught Place street. Both young and elderly would congregate there to rejoice over ice cream, revel in company, and perhaps stray into flirtatious relationships with their first dates. Nirula’s is still a beloved neighbourhood institution today, decades later, because of its genuineness. It makes no attempt to match the sophistication of its new siblings. The establishment still has that old-fashioned allure with its traditional bright red and white aesthetics.

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