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One Missed Bill, Lakhs at Stake! How a Credit Card Single Non Payment Affects Home Loan Costs

Why even one missed credit card payment can have a big financial impact on your ability to repay your home loan and could cost you millions of rupees

Home Loan: Good financial practises are essential for a high credit score, such as making on-time house loan repayments or credit card payments. However, consumers frequently disregard credit card payments that are tiny in quantity. They believe that all it will take to make up for a day or two of payment missing is an additional penalty fee of a few hundred rupees. However, such irresponsible behaviour lowers their credit score, which might be quite expensive if they approach a lender about getting a house loan.

The Impact of Credit Scores on Home Loan Interest Rates

A lender may provide a borrower with a house loan at a significantly higher interest rate based on their credit score than they would provide to someone with a superior credit score and a history of on-time credit card payments.

How Credit Scores Influence Your Home Loan Terms

A lender looks into your credit history and credit score (Cibil score) when you apply for a house loan. The 350–900 range is the range of the Cibil score. You can obtain a house loan at a relatively modest interest rate if your Cibil score is 800 or higher. A borrower with a Cibil score between 650 and 800, however, might be eligible for a higher rate from the same lender for the home loan. A credit score of 550 or lower is regarded as bad, and it will make it more difficult for you to obtain a loan. Large amounts and lengthy terms are associated with home loans. If the loan is for 20 years, a one percent change in the interest rate can result in a significant increase in the amount you must return.

The Importance of Timely Credit Card Payments for Your Home Loan

You always have the choice as a borrower to refinance your loan at a cheaper interest rate and raise your credit score. However, you will be forced to return a larger sum if the refinancing is delayed for whatever reason. It is clear from this that payments pertaining to credit are crucial. If you fail to make your payment on time, your credit score may suffer. Even while it might seem insignificant to you at the time, if you contact a lender for a home loan, that missing payment could wind up costing you millions of rupees in repayment due to the increased interest rate. Maintaining sound financial practises and paying your credit card bills on time are usually beneficial.

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