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Optical Illusion: Put Your Observation Skills to Test! Find the Hidden Pencil in Six Seconds

Optical Illusion: Mind-bending visuals known as optical illusions put your eyes and intellect to the test. Furthermore, they hold readers’ interest and are incredibly fascinating. Additionally, consistent practise of optical illusion challenges helps to improve cognitive capacities and avoid cognitive decline in older adults. Are you a 20/20 vision person?

Test Your Observation Skills

In the shared photograph above, two children are seen assisting their father in setting up the little garden on the balcony. A pencil is deftly hidden on the balcony among the plants. The readers’ task is to locate the pencil in six seconds. It is difficult to see at first look. This task is a straightforward assessment to gauge your level of observational proficiency. It’s your time now.

Spotting the Hidden Pencil

Huge congratulations to the keen-eyed readers who were able to locate the pencil on the balcony in the allotted time. You have 20/20 vision, which is the sharpest pair of eyes. You can see the pencil on the chair the cat is curled up on.

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