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Passport Making Process: Applying For a New One? Check Out the Step by Step Guide Here

Learn how to apply for a passport online without any hassles. Discover the detailed procedure, including how to complete biometric verification and create your ID on the Passport Seva Portal.

Passport Making Process: Having a current passport is essential whether you are travelling overseas for business or pleasure. These days, not having a passport is becoming a major issue. One should always be ready to travel overseas because of the rise in travel and tourism, which has created prospects for jobs abroad. Regarding passports, a variety of travel documents can be obtained for Indian nationals travelling overseas.

Types of Passports

Regular people may obtain the blue booklet known as an ordinary passport. A diplomatic passport is then created after this. This passport is used by Indian diplomats and government officials, such as those with the IAS and IPS ranks. The colour of a diplomatic passport is maroon. The official passport, which is white in hue, follows this. When a government official or someone acting on their behalf travels overseas for official business, they do so using a white passport. In addition, the government may travel overseas with the Emergency Certificate and the Certificate of Identity. This kind of certificate can be utilised in an emergency if you don’t have a passport.

Procedures to Fill Passport Form Online?

  • The procedures are the same whether obtaining a new passport or renewing an existing one.
  • You must first create your ID using the Passport Seva Portal. If your ID has already been generated, log in using that; if not, you will need to register again.
  • Since most passport applications are now carried out online, a lot of people are also using agents to complete this task. Instead, fill out the form yourself.
  • You must select the “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport” option on the homepage of the Passport Seva Portal after registering.
  • An electronic form will then show up in front of you. This electronic form will consist of five or six pages, each requiring you to fill up a window with your information before clicking the “Validate and Save” button.
  • This is so that your information is kept when you complete out the form. Under such circumstances, the information entered before the window is closed will remain intact.
  • Your application will be submitted on the last page once all the information has been filled out. Remember that every element on your application should match the information on your identity card.

Schedule a Time to Obtain a Passport

After completing the online passport application, you must visit the Passport Seva Kendra to get your biometrics verified.

  • The Passport Seva portal itself would have provided you with an option where “Pay and Schedule Appointment” would have been written. Select this choice.
  • Next, find the Passport Seva Kendra that is closest to you.
  • Once you do this, you’ll be presented with a variety of date alternatives.
  • Only the dates that have an open slot will be displayed to you.
  • The next step is to select your date, after which the passport payments are due.
  • A 30-page booklet costs Rs. 1500, while a 60-page booklet costs Rs. 2000.
  • The fees can be paid with an SBI challan, credit or debit card, internet banking, or online payment methods.
  • You will be assigned an Application Reference Number (ARN) as soon as you are given an appointment.
  • Bring all of your identity documents with you when you make your appointment, and get your biometric verification completed.

Police Verification and Passport Printing

Following the completion of the biometric process, a police verification will take place to ensure that your name and address are accurate on all of your documentation and that you actually reside at the address you have provided. Your passport will be printed in 15 days once all of this is finished. Remember that every element you enter on the passport application should match the information in your actual document. The passport application will be denied if it is different. In addition to the Aadhar card, three identity documents—such as a driver’s licence, voter ID, or 10th grade transcript—are needed for passport verification.

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