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Passport News: Getting Passports Become Easier! One Document Can Get You Instant Approval, Check

Discover the revolutionary modification to passport application processes, which have been streamlined to only require one document!

Passport News: Most people think that obtaining a passport requires multiple trips to the passport office. The common misconception is that obtaining a passport requires multiple steps. The passport officer claims that this view of the populace is wholly inaccurate. The passport application process is now far simpler than it was thanks to the Ministry of External Affairs. Making a passport is simple and only requires one document. Tell us everything in this case.

Introduction to Passport Requirements

In addition to a birth certificate, a residence certificate is needed to obtain a passport. The government has provided eighteen options for this. These cover everything, from electricity bills to voter ID cards. People who frequently rent their homes may find it difficult to obtain a residence certificate as a result. However, the option we will discuss is the simplest. Although everyone generally has access to this option, some people become anxious and perplexed by other options.

Regional Passport Officer’s Recommendation

According to Regional Passport Officer Prem Singh, obtaining a passport can be done most easily by using a bank passbook as proof of residency. You can create a passport using the passbook from any government bank. He said that the applicant’s photo should be included in the passbook and that it should be confirmed. There must be the most recent entry in it in addition to this. All of your information can be extracted from this by the passport office. In this manner, just one document is needed to create a passport.

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