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Pitru Paksha 2021: Don’t do these mistakes during Brahmin feast, you will have to suffer wrong results

This year Pitru Paksha has started from 20th September. The last Shradh i.e. Amavasya Shradh will be on 6 October.

Pitru Paksha 2021: In Pitru Paksha, the souls of ancestors are worshiped to make them happy. During Pitru Paksha, many rituals are performed, one of which is to feed Brahmins. According to the belief, the food eaten by Brahmins reaches the ancestors directly. The ritual of Shradh is considered incomplete without Brahmin feast. But if a person commits a mistake while preparing the feat, then the ancestors get angry and as a result many problems have to be faced.

Brahmins should not come from distant place

The Brahmins invited for the Shradh Bhoj should be regional. That means around your house or in your neighbourhood. First of all,  invite them for the feast and try to make everything in the food that the ancestors like. If possible, donating in the names of ancestors should be done on the same date, by doing so the souls of the ancestors are satisfied.

Afternoon Best Time for Shradh

Choose the time carefully for performing Shradh. The time of day is considered to be the best for Shradh because morning and evening are considered for God’s works, while day time is considered for ancestors or pitru. For food, the Brahmin should be seated on a kush, facing the south direction, because the south direction is considered to be the direction of Yama and the ancestors keep coming from this direction.

Do not cook food in iron utensils

Plates, copper, brass, silver, bronze etc. should be used for feeding Brahmins. At the same time, food of Brahmins should also be prepared in these utensils in the kitchen. Do not use iron utensils even by mistake. Feed Brahmins something made from cow’s milk. Avoid serving stale dishes.

Do not speak during meal

A Brahmin should assume a silent form while feeding, so that the ancestors do not face any problem while eating. At the same time, Brahmins should also keep this thing in mind, if they want anything, they can tell with gestures. It is believed that if we talk while eating, then the ancestors do not feel like eating. Which is considered inauspicious.

Must ask this

Before offering food to a brahmin, one must ask that he is not going anywhere else and eat food. Eating food in more than one house on the same day is not considered right.

Light a lamp in the south direction

On the day of Shradh, a lamp in the name of ancestors must be lit in the south direction. By doing this, the ancestors, being satisfied with the Shradh, bestow the blessings of long life, family growth, wealth, learning, kingdom happiness and salvation to the performer.

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