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Pitru Paksha 2021: Pitru Paksha starts from today, Follow These Measures To Make Them Happy

Pitru Paksha 2021: Pitru Paksha has started from today which will last till 6th October. The time of Pitru Paksha is considered to be the best to remove the Pitru Dosh of the horoscope. Many measures are taken these days to please the ancestors and get their blessings.

What happens when there is a pitra dosha

Due to the presence of Pitra Dosh in the horoscope, a person has to face many problems in getting the happiness of a child. Even if a person has a child, he falls into the wrong company. Such people have to face many difficulties in their job or business. There are constant interruptions in work. There are many quarrels in the house. Happiness and prosperity do not come in the house, but poverty and debt remain. Often remain ill and the marriage of daughter or son is hindered.

Ways to please ancestors

These days, by pleasing the ancestors, Pitra Dosh can be easily removed. On the very first day of Shradh, keep fast on Bhadrapada Purnima. Put good pictures of heavenly ancestors at home or business places. Place this picture on the south-west wall or corner. After starting the day, first of all salute them. Offer them garlands every day and seek their blessings by showing them incense sticks. Food must be distributed to the needy in his name. Donate money or material to the religious place in the name of ancestors. Get blessings by respecting elders at home or outside. On Amavasya, offer food to Brahmins by offering tarpan, donating money. Feed cows, dogs, ants, crows or other animals and birds.

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