PNB Revolutionises Banking! Introduces UPI-ATM for Cardless Withdrawals, Check Details


PNB Introduce the Interoperable Cardless Withdrawal (ICCW) service known as UPI-ATM enables customers of participating banks who use UPI to make cash withdrawals from any ATM that is UPI-enabled without the need for a card.

The following are some of the primary attributes of the UPI-ATM service

Dynamic QR Code Generation

The customer will be asked to enter the withdrawal amount at the ATM after choosing the “UPI cash withdrawal” option. The ATM screen will show a signed, single-use dynamic QR code when the amount has been entered. To obtain cash from the ATM, the customer must use any UPI APP* to scan the QR code and then authorise the transaction using the UPI PIN on the mobile device (UPI APP).

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