Punjab News: 1.5-year-old child falls ill and vomits blood after eating expired chocolate in Patiala; Health Department takes action

Punjab News

Punjab News

Parents instill a love of chocolate in their children from a young age. Such information has now been made public in order to alert parents. In Punjab, an 18-month (1.5-year-old) child’s health deteriorated after ingesting chocolate. The event occurred in Patiala, Punjab, when an 18-month-old daughter vomited blood after eating chocolate and was sent to the hospital in severe condition, where she is currently getting treatment.

Her relative purchased chocolate for her

A 1.5-year-old girl has been rushed to the hospital after consuming expired chocolate that she bought from a grocery store in Patiala and puking blood. The police and health department’s investigation showed that the chocolate was over its expiration date. The girl, a resident of Ludhiana, had traveled with her parents to the home of a relative in Patiala. Vicky Gehlot, a relative, had purchased a box of chocolates for the girl at a nearby grocery store.

Health Department takes action

The girl began to bleed from her mouth after eating chocolate once she got back home. She was admitted to Christian Medical College when his condition deteriorated. The girl’s medical evaluation revealed that she had been ill due to ingestion of a dangerous chemical. The store owner was selling items that had expired. The family then filed complaints with the state health agency and the police. The complaint was followed to the grocery shop by a group of health officials, who also took samples. It has been established by the Health Department that the store sells expired food. Additional expired snacks were taken out of the store as well. An investigation is being conducted on the matter.

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