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Road Accident Free Treatment: Government’s Groundbreaking Initiative! Free Treatment Nationwide for Road Accident Victims

Learn about the revolutionary project of the central government to offer road accident victims nationwide free and convenient medical care.

Road Accident Free Treatment

Road Accident Free Treatment: Over the next three to four months, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways plans to open cashless treatment centres across the nation for victims of traffic accidents. This was disclosed on Monday by a senior official.

Alarming Road Accident Fatalities in India

India leads the world in the number of road accident fatalities, according to Road Transport and Highways Secretary Anurag Jain, who was presiding over a road transport programme here. Government plans to give victims immediate medical attention in an effort to lessen this.

Implementation of Cashless Medical Care

Jain said, “Providing free and cashless medical care to people injured in road accidents is part of the amended Motor Vehicles Act, 2019. Some states have implemented it but now the Ministry of Road Transport in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare It is going to be implemented across the country.”

Nationwide Cashless Medical Treatment Announcement

In addition, the Transport Secretary announced that in three to four months, cashless medical treatment for injured people will begin nationwide. According to him, the goal of this programme is to treat trauma victims of traffic accidents cashlessly at the closest appropriate hospital to the scene of the incident. This action will comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling, and the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act of 2019 has given rise to this authority. Jain said, “Cashless treatment to road accident victims will be provided in nearby hospitals during the ‘golden hour’ as defined in the Motor Vehicles Act.”

The Golden Hour Significance

The hour following an accident is referred to in the medical community as the “Golden Hour” because it is crucial for saving the lives of accident victims. Jain added that in addition, the ministry is working to raise public awareness and educate the public in an effort to lower the number of traffic accidents. The Education Ministry has consented to incorporate road safety into the curricula of schools and colleges in this order. He said, “Several steps have been taken for changes related to engineering of vehicles, including signs reminding to wear seat belts and vehicle safety standard ‘Bharat NCAP’ has also been issued for the first time.”

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