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Shradh 2023: Donate THESE things to seek ancestral blessing and remove Pitra Dosh, See here

Shradh 2023: Pitru Paksha spans over a duration of 16 days, during which family members pay homage and express their gratitude towards their departed ancestors. It is through the meticulous observance of these rituals that the ancestors find contentment and bestow blessings upon their descendants, granting them happiness, serenity, good health, prosperity, and success.

During this period, customs such as Tarpan and Pind Daan are diligently carried out, with the family members remembering their forebears. Offerings of food are made to honor them, and acts of charity are performed in their memory.

The Pitru Paksha Shradh for this year commenced on September 29 and will persist until October 14, 2023. This period provides an opportunity to participate in acts of charity and offer donations to promote peace for the souls of one’s ancestors and to seek favourable outcomes. Discover the types of items that are suitable for donation during Pitru Paksha.

What to donate during Shradh?

1. White Sweets

Giving white sweets as donations holds significance during Shraddha rituals, as the colour white symbolises purity and positivity, which is favoured by ancestors. According to religious traditions, offering white-coloured sweets on the day of Shraddha is a way to honour and remember one’s forebears, bringing happiness to their departed souls and seeking the blessings of the ancestors for the family members.

2. Cow

One of the most esteemed donations in Hinduism is the gift of a cow, which holds immense religious significance. The cow is revered and considered highly important in Hindu religious beliefs. Therefore, donating a cow in the name of an ancestor during Pitru Paksha is believed to bring peace to their soul. It’s worth noting that cow donations are intended to be given to individuals in need.

3. Jaggery

In addition to salt and sweets, offering jaggery as a donation is a gesture that pleases the ancestors during Pitru Paksha. Including jaggery in your donations is believed to invoke blessings from your forebears and help eliminate discord and financial issues within the family.

4. Curd or Yoghurt

During the day of your ancestor’s Shradh, you have the option to offer Dahi Chuda to a Brahmin or a person in need as a gesture of charity. Additionally, donating milk and curd holds special significance during the Pitru Paksha period, and you can choose to make these offerings during the Shraddha rituals as well.

5. Betel leaves

In the course of Pitru Paksha, presenting betel leaves or paan to a Brahmin or an underprivileged individual is regarded as highly auspicious. This act is believed to bring joy to one’s ancestors and subsequently, bestow happiness and prosperity upon the household, while also bolstering the financial well-being of family members.

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