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Solar Eclipse October 2023: The Last this Year! Timings and Guidelines for Sutak Period

Observe the last solar eclipse of 2023 on October 14 and learn the Sutak period dates, along with key recommendations for a worthwhile celestial experience.

Solar Eclipse October 2023: A solar eclipse is an astronomical occurrence with significant religious significance. Every year, there are multiple solar eclipses. Solar eclipses have a direct effect on people’s lives, according to astrology. On October 14, 2023, the second and last solar eclipse of the year will occur. On April 20, there was this year’s first solar eclipse. In our country, there are various religious perspectives on solar eclipses. Regarding solar eclipses, astrology has many things to say.

Navigating the Spiritual Guidelines During the October 14 Solar Eclipse

About 12 hours prior to the solar eclipse, the sutak period begins, during which time all forms of worship, as well as eating and drinking, are forbidden. The Sutak period linked with each eclipse need not be applicable everywhere in the world, though. Read on to learn what the pundits and experts think about the solar eclipse that will take place on October 14 and what they have to say about it. It is believed that the Sutak period is invalid in places and at times where the solar eclipse cannot be seen. Shastri will be able to tell astrologer Pandit Rishikant Mishra when this solar eclipse will begin and how things stand with the Sutak period. We will also know what should be done during Sutak period and what should be avoided.

The Solar Eclipse Our Country Won’t Witness

The second solar eclipse of 2023 will occur on Saturday, October 14, according to astrology. This eclipse’s beginning and ending times are 08:34 and 02:25, respectively. It will occur in Virgo and Chitra Nakshatra during this eclipse. This time, Western Africa, North and South America, the Atlantic Ocean, and Antarctica will all be able to see the solar eclipse. However, India won’t be able to see this solar eclipse. The unique aspect is that our country missed the first solar eclipse of 2023 as well. The same thing will take place once more.

Sutak Period Dilemma

Sutak period often begins 12 hours prior to the solar eclipse. Worship, lucky activities, and cooking are not permitted during this time. On October 14, there will be a solar eclipse, but India won’t be able to see it. Astrology states that the Sutak period is invalid in any country where a solar eclipse cannot be seen. In such a case, it might be claimed that there won’t be a Sutak period this time.

What Not to do

  • According to the astrologer, eating food during solar eclipse is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to do any auspicious work during Sutak period.
  • Sleeping during solar eclipse or lunar eclipse is considered prohibited.
  • Do not even worship God during Sutak period.
  • During this period, pregnant women should not leave the house.
  • Things like knife, scissors, needle, blade should not be used in Sutak.

What to do

  • Take the name of God from Sutak period till eclipse period.
  • During this time you can chant Gayatri Mantra in your mind.
  • Pregnant women should keep coconut with them during Sutak period.
  • After the eclipse is over, float the coconut in water.
  • You can drink water during Sutak period. It is not prohibited.
  • If you want to take medicine, you can do this also.
  • You can do your important work during Sutak period.

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