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Supertech twin tower demolition: Remember these things as residents of neighbouring societies

Supertech twin tower demolition: Today, the Supertech twin towers will be demolished. These twin towers are being demolished today because 4 senior citizens were fighting in the decade-long battle. The demolition will bring relief to the 1,400 families living there in two different societies- ‘Emerald Court (660 flats) and ATS Green Village (736 flats) which has 5,000 residents respectively.

The residents of both societies started vacating at 7:00 AM and they are allowed to leave till 4:00 PM. About 2,700 vehicles will be removed from both societies and will be kept in Parsvath Prestige and Purvanchal Silver Society.

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Here are some of the things to remember as residents of neighbouring societies:

  1. Don’t wait for the eleventh hour. All residents should leave their building at 7:00 a.m. on August 28; they should not wait until the last hour because the elevators and stairs can be crowded at the eleventh hour. Leave as soon as possible.
  2. Don’t leave your pets behind.
  3. Follow the advice. residents should follow the advice, as the RWA and the administration give. Shut doors and windows using plastic covers, wrap glass items in bubble packaging, unplug electrical appliances and turn off gas connections.
  4. Before leaving home, make sure that you have signed the declaration form at the entrance. The form has the details of the residents, family members, and pets. A confirmation that all the equipment has been turned off, the gas connection has been turned off, there is no loose material left on the balcony, the windows and doors have been shut properly, ventilators and chimneys have been covered and the final announcement is also done. One extra copy of the form should be pasted in the main gate of the flat and another copy should be given to the tower guard.
  5. Don’t try to stay back as it could lead to danger.
  6. Carry your book and medicines, people who are moving to nearby community centres must take their smartphones, laptops, and chargers with them. Since some people like reading they can carry their favourite books. People suffering from health issues must take their medicines along with them.

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