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Traffic Challan: Attention! These 5 Challans Can Cost You Big; Check out

Here, we have talked about 5 traffic challans that can cost you a big sum of money. Check out more details below.

Traffic Challan: In India. Government collects a major part of revenue from traffic challans. According to Government data, respective authorities issued 4.73 crore challans to vehicle owners in India in 2022. The government collected a revenue of around 4.6 crore from these challans. Whereas, it is beneficial for government and stays a good source of revenue for them, it highlights the extent of traffic violation made by vehicle owners in India. People have been seen casually violating traffic rules for their personal enjoyment. If you are also one of them who don’t wear seatbelt while driving and don’t keep your vehicle’s documentation on the go. Check out these five big challan that can cost you really big that you will think before violating them.

Expired RC For the Vehicle

This is one of the major problems that Indian authorities face in maintaining traffic rules is identifying disqualified vehicles which are openly used on roads by vehicle owners and this is because owners don’t keep their RC updated. If you also keep an expired RC of your vehicle, it can attract a fine of Rs. 10000.

Not Offering Way to Ambulance and Firetruck

Another traffic violation that can cost you a big sum of money is not offering way to emergency vehicles such as fire brigade and ambulance. This violation is considered a big offence which can attract a penalty of up to Rs 25000- or 3-year imprisonment.

Drink and Drive

Drink and drive which is also known as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is one among the biggest reason of road accidents in India. If anyone violates this rule, it can attract a penalty of up to 10000 on the first offence which can reach up to Rs. 25000 if repeated again.

Not Having PUC Certificate

As the government is heading to achieve Net zero emission goals. Authorities are getting stricter for controlling vehicular emissions in the country. Every vehicle owner is required to keep a PUC certicate for their vehicle. If you don’t have a PUC or your certificate is expired, it can cost you up to Rs. 15000 as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules Act, 1989.

Juvenile Offence

Goverment is also getting stricter for juvenile offences which are performed by drivers under 18. If any unrecognized Juvenile commits a traffic offence, then the real owner of the vehicle will be responsible for the offence and he/she will be required to pay a hefty penalty of up to Rs. 25000.

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