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Two wheeler Owners Beware! Be Prepared to Pay a Hefty Fine of Rs 25000 if You Do This

Protect Your Vehicle: Tips to Keep Clear of Penalties and Challans

Traffic officials have been more vigilant in their enforcement of modified vehicles, especially two-wheelers, in recent decades. Penalties for making such changes have increased in severity, with fines of up to Rs 25,000. There’s also a chance of licence suspension and other harsh penalties. If riders have made any modifications to their bikes or cars they must proceed with caution. To make sure that traffic laws are followed, let’s go into the details.

Unauthorised Fancy Number Plates

It is forbidden to use customised licence plates on automobiles. Number plates must adhere to a strict style sheet that the government has specified, with all numerals having to be easily readable and free of ornate decorations. To avoid fines, you must use number plates that have been approved by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Unauthorised Modifications to Vehicles

The present traffic regulations prohibit making any modifications to motorbikes or scooters. Modified cars are being deliberately targeted by traffic police and fines are being imposed in return. Any alteration to the body, engine or any other part that deviates from the manufacturer’s standards may incur fines and/or have the car seized.

Modifications to Silencers

Motorcycle enthusiasts frequently modify their bikes’ silencers, especially when they use a Royal Enfield Bullet. Law enforcement may become involved, though, as certain alterations are prohibited. Particularly disapproved of are silencers that make a lot of noise or release firecrackers. Such silencers can result in severe penalties and even legal action, therefore riders should not install them.

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