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Vande Bharat Train’s Impact on Flight Fares; Prices Slashed, Check Routes Here

The Vande Bharat train's ability to reduce costs on airfare is evident. Find more about the routes where the upgrading of train travel has resulted in a discernible decrease in air travel costs.

Vande Bharat Train: One could argue that Vande Bharat marked a sea change in Indian Railways history. The native Vande Bharat train is modernising and improving the comfort of railway travel. The effects of Vande Bharat are apparent to a large extent. According to a recent study, the new train is having an impact on air costs in numerous cities, resulting in a decrease in the cost of flying.

Vande Bharat’s Airfare Impact

According to an ET story that cited data on the Vande Bharat train, there has been a drop in flight fares since the train’s inception on certain routes. The routes Chennai-Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram-Kasaragod, Mumbai-Pune, Jamnagar-Ahmedabad, and Delhi-Jaipur, for instance, are mentioned in the report. It is stated that there has been a 20–30% decrease in the cost of airline tickets between these locations as of April 2023.

Dynamic Pricing vs Vande Bharat’s Steady Impact on Airfares

In actuality, airline ticket prices are determined dynamically. With dynamic pricing, the rate on any route automatically rises in response to an increase in demand and ticket inquiries. The fare also drops in tandem with a decline in demand or inquiries. Vande Bharat train services have already been operating for a few months on all of the routes where the report claims that fares have been lowered.

More Passengers Opting for Trains Over Flights

In light of this, it is reported that since the introduction of the Vande Bharat trains, train tickets have decreased since a greater number of people are now opting to take the train rather than fly. According to information provided, the proportion of these passengers—who are now Vande Bharat train passengers—is between 10 and 20 percent of the aviation businesses’ clientele.

Why More Travelers Prefer Vande Bharat Trains Over Flights

This is related to the decrease in airfare. Well, in a way, this makes sense. As an illustration, the Delhi-Jaipur flight is visible. The current cost of a flight ticket between these two cities is approximately Rs 2000, and the trip takes one hour. In addition, it takes almost an hour to disembark from the aircraft and requires travellers to be at the airport roughly two hours in advance. When viewed in this light, the entire duration exceeds four hours. In contrast, the Vande Bharat train travels this distance in roughly 5 hours for Rs 800. That’s less than half the fare yet nearly the same amount of time.Changing the passengers’ choice in this circumstance is not very significant.

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