Viral: Journey Beyond Death! Woman Shares Experience After Being Clinically Dead for 24 Minutes


Viral: Our knowledge of what occurs after death is likely to remain undiscovered. Despite the belief in the afterlife held by nearly all cultures and religions, modern science has disproved it. However, some scientists maintain that the soul is nothing more than energy. They also think that energy is unbreakable. It merely shifts in shape.

Accounts of Near-Death Experiences

There have been reports of people who claim to have returned from a near-death experience and described what they saw, even though it might seem impossible to find the truth. There are many cases of people who have been declared clinically dead being brought back to life by doctors, and near-death experiences are not uncommon.

Scientific Documentation of Near-Death Experiences

Scientists have documented a large number of near-death experiences involving people who have “died” and then returned to life. The phenomenon referred to as the Lazarus effect, or autoresuscitation in medical parlance, happens when a person who has been declared dead from cardiac arrest unexpectedly comes to. After performing CPR, this can occur in ten minutes. A woman who “died” for a full twenty-four minutes has shared her personal story, detailing all that she saw and felt during that period.

Reddit Post by Lauren Canaday

Lauren Canaday posted on Reddit, saying, “Last February, I had a sudden cardiac arrest at home. My husband contacted 911 and began CPR. The EMTs needed twenty-four minutes to revive me. I was deemed “cognitively intact” after nine days in the intensive care unit, and my MRIs showed no evidence of brain damage.

Hospitalization and Coma

She was rushed to the hospital and didn’t come out of a coma for two days. Lauren said she had no memory of the previous week when she woke up. She claims to have experienced intense “peace” while in a coma, and that sensation persisted even after she awoke. She says she was disoriented about a month earlier and never was able to recall the previous week or the majority of her time in the critical care unit. Later, the Lazarus effect survivor said that her dance with death was nothing like the “deep sleep” that is typically portrayed in movies and other media.

Uncommon Elements in the Experience

She also didn’t experience the feeling of witnessing her life flash before her eyes, as many have reported. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Lauren’s death was her apparent deep sense of serenity and tranquilly. When she’s stressed, she claims to return to the “spot on the floor where it helped me relax.” Unfortunately, her alleged rebirth has not resulted in a peaceful afterlife. She stated that her “emotional state was exceptionally poor for a while” as a result of her feelings of loss, confusion, and guilt.

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