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Water Heater Safety Tips: Should you take a bath when the Geyser is on? Follow these safety tips

Water Heater Safety Tips: Do follow these safety tips to keep yourself safe from mishaps this winter, Do Read

Water Heater Safety Tips: The onset of winter has led to a significant rise in the use of geysers. There is a constant drop in temperature in many Indian states. It has therefore made it problematic to put hands in water. In addition, taking a bath in water that is too cold can make you sick. While using a geyser is the easiest way to prevent this, you should be aware that having a bath with one can get you into serious trouble. In this article, we will share a few safety tips that you must follow while using a geyser so that you do not get electrocuted and a major mishap can be avoided.

Water Heater Safety Tips

Do not trust its auto-cut feature

The geyser should never be left on auto-cut. In addition, having the component fixed carries a significant risk. Due to overuse, the geyser malfunctions and in some cases electrocutes people.

Keep it switched off when not in use

Although a lot of people keep their geysers running these days, doing so might also get you into serious problems. It is therefore important that you turn off the geyser right away after using it. The likelihood of a geyser explosion rises dramatically if it runs constantly.

Switch it off while taking a bath

You could die from an unexpected short circuit if your geyser is on while you’re showering. So, turn off the geyser after you’re done with it.

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