Abhishek Sharma’s Beautiful Sister Komal Sharma Can Give Dua Lipa a Run for Her Money; Check

Komal Sharma

Abhishek Sharma's sister Komal Sharma has stolen hearts of so many fans around the country with her gorgeous looks.

Komal Sharma: Abhishek Sharma has been a revelation in IPL 2024. The youngster has been hailed by Yuvraj Singh as the future of the Indian cricket team. Furthermore, he has broken so many records in his first full IPL season.

When Abhishek is smashing bowlers all around the ground, one face can always be seen cheering for her. A face so beautiful that it has made its own fanbase in the hearts of millions of people.

Komal Sharma, sister of Abhishek has attended every match of Hyderabad in IPL 2024 and has been a lucky charm for her brother. Komal became an instant sensation on the internet when her pictures with various cricketers went viral on social media.

Who Is Komal Sharma?

Dr.Komal is the elder sister of the young cricketer and surprisingly is 7 years older than Abhishek. She is not just an internet darling, but a well-qualified doctor and has completed her Bachelor’s from Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar.

After that, she completed her Masters Of Physiotherapy from NIMS, Jaipur. She is currently working as a physiotherapist at Amritsar’s SGRD Medical College. Not only that, Komal even has her Philanthropic Aspirations as well.

She is known for her charitable work and by using her platform she has raised awareness and support various social causes over the years.

Resembling Dua Lipa

Komal is a gorgeous woman and resembles International star Dua Lipa a little bit. Both Dua Lipa and Komal Sharma have gorgeous personalities and quite similar face definitions. They stand out from the crowd with their cuteness that they can turn on at any given time. Another thing that resembles these two is their fashion choices as both of them like to experiment with it.

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