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Cricket Viral Video: Bizzare! Shattered Bat, Flying Stumps and a Miraculous No-Ball; Watch unbelievable county cricket moment

In a County Championship match at Taunton in 2023, Lewis Goldsworthy avoided a unique hit-wicket dismissal when his bat struck the stumps but was ruled a no-ball.

Cricket Viral Video

Cricket Viral Video: In a County Championship match held at Taunton in 2023, Lewis Goldsworthy managed to avoid a rather unusual hit-wicket dismissal. The ball shattered his bat and the damaged part knocked off the stumps, however, the umpires later deemed it as a no-ball.

A memorable moment of county cricket

On the first day of the match, only 53.2 overs of cricket were played after Kent captain Jack Leaning elected to bowl first against Somerset. Tom Lammonby scored 101 runs, and Lewis Goldsworthy remained not out with 70 runs as the home team reached a total of 214-2 by the end of the day’s play. On the second morning, Goldsworthy added nine more runs to his score when Jas Singh bowled a yorker. While Goldsworthy managed to defend the delivery, an unexpected chip flew off his bat and struck the stumps, causing a bail to dislodge.

He should have been out as per the law 35.1.2, which states “The striker is out Hit wicket if, after the bowler has entered the delivery stride and while the ball is in play, his/her wicket is broken by either the striker’s bat or person as described in Laws to (Breaking the wicket fairly).”

Law states, “the wicket is broken fairly if a bail is completely removed from the top of the stumps, or a stump is struck out of the ground … by the striker’s bat not in hand, or by any part of the bat which has become detached.” Nevertheless, Singh had crossed the crease, resulting in the umpire signaling a no ball, and thus, Goldsworthy’s survival was confirmed.

Watch the cricket viral video here

This situation is similar of various occurrences where sections of the bat have made contact with the stumps, such as two instances involving Australian fast bowler Ted McDonald in the same year during Test cricket.

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