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Cricket Viral Video: Unbelievable! MS Dhoni stops Rohit Sharma & Team from celebrating victory against Australia, Watch

MS Dhoni, known as 'Captain Cool' and one of India's finest white-ball captains, displayed strategic brilliance during the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series against Australia. Despite a significant victory celebrated by Indian fans, Dhoni prevented extravagant on-field and balcony celebrations.

Cricket Viral Video: Regarded as one of the finest Indian white-ball captains and affectionately referred to as ‘Captain Cool,’ MS Dhoni was renowned for his strategic acumen, which frequently played a pivotal role in India’s cricket triumphs. A notable instance occurred during the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series against the formidable Australian cricket team, which was then at the peak of its ODI dominance.

MS Dhoni’s stern message to the team

In the early 2000s, Australian cricket symbolised unrelenting success, with Ricky Ponting’s team claiming the 2007 ODI World Cup, firmly establishing their status as world champions. Challenging this cricketing juggernaut was a formidable endeavour, but it was during this era that MS Dhoni’s Indian team rose to the occasion.

In a league match of the 2008 Commonwealth Bank Series at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, India achieved a significant victory over Australia, a triumph celebrated by Indian fans. However, under the leadership of MS Dhoni, the Indian players refrained from celebrations. A young Rohit Sharma played a crucial role in the win, displaying a composed innings of 39 runs off 61 balls.

It was MS Dhoni’s gesture that transformed the tone of the celebration. Renowned for his calm behaviour, Dhoni raised his hand and signalled Rohit to remain composed. Dhoni’s message was clear: there would be no extravagant on-field celebrations. Dhoni’s instructions extended beyond the field. He also conveyed to the dressing room that there should be no celebration on the balcony. This deliberate action aimed to show that the victory was not just incidental but that India is a growing power in ODIs.

Watch the cricket viral video here

Dhoni’s decision had both tactical and psychological reasoning behind it. He aimed to prevent Ricky Ponting’s Australian team from perceiving India’s victory as a mere fluke or upset. The Australian side, reigning as world champions, often regarded any defeat against them as an “upset.” Dhoni wanted to convey that India wasn’t just capable of defeating Australia once but had the potential to do so consistently, establishing themselves as a formidable cricketing force.

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