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FIA to come up with measures to control ‘porpoising’ in the interest of safety

In the wake of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the FIA have announced plans to control the phenomenon of aerodynamic oscillations, popularly known as porpoising, that has become a theme in the 2022 season, issuing a ‘Technical Directive’ to the teams to tackle the issue.

“Following the eighth round of this year’s FIA Formula One World Championship, during which the phenomenon of aerodynamic oscillations (porpoising) of the new generation of Formula 1 cars, and the effect of this during and after the race on the physical condition of the drivers was once again visible, the FIA, as the governing body of the sport, has decided that, in the interests of the safety, it is necessary to intervene to require that the teams make the necessary adjustments to reduce or to eliminate this phenomenon,” FIA, the governing body for world motorsport, said in a statement on Thursday.

A return to ground effect cars for 2022 has seen a revival in F1 of the porpoising phenomenon, where cars lose and then regain downforce in quick succession, setting up a cycle of the car moving up and down. Meanwhile, with ground effect working best when cars are run as low to the ground as possible, some teams have also struggled with additional issues like bottoming out and bouncing.

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