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ICC ODI World Cup 2023: MS Dhoni Puts His Money On THIS Team To Lift The Trophy! Read

When MS Dhoni speaks you listen. So, when the former Indian skipper stated how good this Indian team is, everyone's hope increased even further. But he made sure that no one jinx it in any kind.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023
MS Dhoni talked about the currently ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2023 and the chances of the Indian team in the tournament. Read here

ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Finally, the captain cool has opened up about the World Cup 2023. The 2011 World Cup winner is one of the most intelligent cricket players ever. His cricketing IQ made him one of the best captains of all time.

That is why when he says that this team can win the cup, you take him seriously. In a recent interview, MS Dhoni talked about the team India in the World Cup 2023 and what are the chances of the said team.

He did not state it explicitly because he did not want to jinx it. We all know how superstitious these cricketers are. Dhoni is even doing an Oreo #Kuchmatbol campaign. So it is obvious he won’t say it out loud but he gave more than enough for everyone.

Samajhdaar Ko Ishaara Kaafi!

This is the first time that the former Indian skipper has come out and talked about the chances of the Indian team in this campaign. Dhoni rarely makes any type of public appearance and is one of the rare breed of celebrities.

The former skipper said, “Bohot accha balance hai team ka(India has a great balanced team in the World Cup). Harlog acha khel rahe hain so everything is looking very good at this stage. Isse zyada main kuch nahi bolunga, baaki samajhdaar ko ishara kaafi hai” (I won’t say more than this. A nod is as good as a wink).

Indian Team ICC ODI World Cup 2023 Campaign

What Dhoni stated is not wrong at all. So far in this tournament, the Indian team has been the strongest-looking team. They have won all their matches and have almost secured their place in the semi-final round.

The bowlers are taking wickets and every batsman has scored runs whenever matters. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are in unreal form and Jasprit Bumrah is taking wickets for fun. So, it looks like the team is going in the right direction so far.

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