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ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Special Ball to Suffocated, 5 Bizarre Allegations by Pakistani Team on India That’s no Basis

See which of the top 5 strangest and most contentious statements made by Pakistani cricket players have sparked controversies and disputes inside the sport.

ICC ODI World Cup 2023

ICC ODI World Cup 2023: Although Pakistan has always had some incredibly gifted cricket players, there has always been a sense of unpredictability about the team. Their status has fluctuated between humiliation and acclaim over the years. On their day, Pakistan is capable of destroying any opponent in the globe and committing hara-kiri against a squad that is comparatively weaker. Pakistan has frequently fallen short of expectations, even with the availability of both undeveloped talent and well-established superstars. But rather than talent, a lack of discipline has been blamed for their shortcomings.

Hasan Raza’s Controversial Statement

Former Pakistani cricketer Hasan Raza made another startling statement on Sunday following India’s historic 243-run victory over South Africa in Kolkata, just days after he sparked a controversy on social media by accusing the ICC and BCCI of providing “suspicious balls” to help Indian bowlers in the World Cup 2023 matches. Wasim Akram and other cricketers around the world took to task Raza’s claims. Raza claimed to have observed BCCI manipulating DRS during the match, and he claimed to have done so throughout the tournament. Raza said, “Jadeja picked up five wickets and finished with career-best figures. We were talking about technology where DRS was being taken. Van de Dussen was the batter and the ball was hitting the middle stump after pitching on leg stump. How is that possible?” “The impact was in line, but the ball was headed towards the leg stump. Like everyone else, I am just sharing my opinion. I am saying that such things should be checked. DRS is being manipulated and that is clearly visible,” he added.

Critique of BCCI’s Influence in the Cricket World


Mickey Arthur, the director of the Pakistan men’s cricket team, was not pleased with his team’s utter collapse versus India, their bitterest rivals, at the World Cup match held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Arthur made fun of the BCCI, which oversees cricket in India, claiming that the game appeared more like “a BCCI event” than a major international match because Pakistan was not represented in the 132,000-seat stadium. “It didn’t seem like an ICC event to be brutally honest. It seemed like a bilateral series; it seemed like a BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) event,” said Arthur. 

Hasan Raza’s Allegations on Ball Tampering in the ICC World Cup

In the 2023 ICC World Cup, Indian fast bowlers are dominating the game. At the Wankhede Stadium, they accounted for 55 runs on Sri Lanka. Mohammed Shami, Mohammed Siraj, and Jasprit Bumrah’s game-winning performances left the Kusal Mendis-led team without an answer. Hasan Raza, a Pakistani player, has charged the ICC of providing the Indian bowlers with alternative balls in order to give them more seam and swing than other nations. “The balls given to Indian bowlers should be checked. They are getting more swing and seam. Mohammed Shami and Mohammed Siraj are bowling like Allan Donald and Makhaya Ntini. Even Mathews was surprised to see the amount of swing Shami’s ball got in Mumbai. Either ICC is helping them, or BCCI is coming to help their bowlers. There could be an involvement of the third umpire as well,” he said.

Mickey Arthur Blames DJ for Missing ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ Song

Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s director of cricket, first blamed the DJ for not playing the song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ following Pakistan’s humiliating loss to India in Ahmedabad. “As a Pakistan team, we play a hell of a lot of cricket, so being on the road is nothing new for these guys. What has been tough is the fact that we’ve been under a massive amount of security,” Arthur said. “So, I’ve sort of taken it back. And to be fair, I’ve found it difficult. It’s almost like we’ve been back in the Covid times, where you were almost secluded to your floor and your team room. So much so that their breakfast is in a separate room to everybody else. So, it’s almost, that’s been the tough aspect,” he added.

Abdul Razzaq’s Bold Statements Ignite Debate on India’s Supremacy

Teams from all around the world have been battling it out for the coveted championship in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which has been a battlefield of epic proportions. One squad has stood out as an unquestionable force to be reckoned with amid this fierce competition: India. India is the most dominant team in the event, having won the group stages an incredible eight times in a row. Former Pakistani cricket player Abdul Razzaq has made some bold statements about India’s supremacy in an interview. “When I used to play cricket, India were afraid of Pakistan. They were so timid that they ran away and refused to play against Pakistan because we used to dominate them and defeat them in one-sided matches,” he declared. Razzaq’s venomous remarks have sparked an intense discussion.

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