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Indian Captain Rohit Sharma loves driving his Lamborghini, but is he aware of Traffic Rules?

Rohit Sharma has paid a heavy price for speeding on the roads during the 2023 ODI World Cup. Three challans were given to the Indian captain's car for speeding.

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma fined multiple times for overspeeding on Mumbai-Pune Highway, Details

Rohit Sharma: Prior to the match against Bangladesh, captain of the Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma was given a speeding ticket. When Rohit Sharma was caught speeding on the Pune-Mumbai highway, he was issued a ticket. Rohit has reportedly received three driving tickets for speeding. According to the traffic officer, Rohit Sharma was travelling at a speed of almost 200 km/h. During this stretch, he occasionally exceeded 215 km/h in speed. Three online challans were issued in Rohit Sharma’s name as a result of the unusually high speed.

Indian Captain Rohit Sharma fined multiple times

Regarding the speeding citation against Team India captain Rohit Sharma, Pune Police made no concessions. The cops took this matter very seriously. Because any form of accident could occur as a result of travelling at high speeds, The police issued three challans in Rohit Sharma’s name in this particular scenario.

Mumbai-Pune highway speed limit

100 kilometres per hour is the fastest permitted driving speed on the Pune-Mumbai Highway. A challan is issued for exceeding the speed limit. Cameras are positioned at different locations.

What’s interesting is that the Lamborghini Urus that Rohit was driving had a licence plate with his best one-day cricket score—264.

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