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Neeraj Chopra: Is this how ‘The Golden Boy of India’ stays fit? Check out his diet and workout routine

Neeraj Chopra: India is yet again making headlines in International games, all thanks to athletes like Neeraj. In order to work magic on the field, this is the routine that Neeraj follows.

Neeraj Chopra: The Indian track and field athlete has made the nation proud yet again by grabbing gold in the Asian Games. Currently, Neeraj stands as the reigning champion in the Olympics in the Javelin Throw. In 2020, he made history at the Tokyo Olympics by becoming the first Asian to win a gold medal in the Javelin Throw. To attain such feats, it is crucial to remain in perfect shape. Neeraj Chopra never compromises with his diet and routine because he represents an entire nation in the games. Check out his diet plan and workout regime to draw some tips from the Golden Boy of India.

Diet Structure of Neeraj Chopra

International athletes are required to pay strict attention to their diet. In fact, they have designated health coaches and nutritionists who enlist what they must eat. Javelin Throw athletes such as Neeraj are required to maintain a slightly higher amount of fat percentage in their body than others. This aids them with a lot of energy needed to maintain their pace.

Neeraj’s breakfast comprises egg whites, bread, porridge, and fruits. His lunch is usually packed with protein. He prefers to eat curd rice and grilled chicken. Sometimes the athlete also opts for pulses with rice along with which salad is a must. Neeraj also takes fresh juices in between his training sessions. The athlete’s dinner choice is quite interesting. He does not prefer to take any breads or even rice. In fact, he eats boiled veggies, soup, or fruits for dinner.

Neeraj’s Workout regime

Neeraj’s medal-winning energy and skill come through his rigorous training regime. He utilizes a combination of several routines such as strength and core training, hip mobility and ankle exercises, Javelin Throw dedicated exercises, Tabata workout, cool down, and recovery. All these sessions combined keep the athlete in form and help him to avoid any injuries on the field.

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