Stars Of IPL 2024: 7 Players Who Set The Stage On Fire; Watch

IPL 2024 was a tournament of stars who set fire on the world cricketing stage like never before.

IPL 2024

IPL 2024 was a tournament of stars who set fire on the world cricketing stage like never before.

IPL 2024: Indian Premier League is a festival of cricket. For two months, cricket fans around the world watch only IPL and nothing else. This year was nothing different as Indian Premier League took the world by storm.

In a season where breaking record was proven too wasy, it was hard to stand out. But the players who stood out were sensational from start to finish. Not only they lead this revoltuized season of franchise T20 cricket but they made sure to be remembered long after the end of this year’s IPL.

Stars Of IPL 2024

Virat Kohli season could be defined in two phases. The first phase where he was scoring runs but was struggling massively. He scored a century in this phase but that came in 67 deliveries. Something he won’t be proud of.

Then came the second phase. Where he did not scored a century, but took down every bowler ruthlessly. He changed his game according to the modern T20 demands and excelled in it brilliantly. Something that only Kohli can do.

Jake Fraser McGurk took the world by storm in just 17 deliveries. Yes that is how long it took for him to make a permanent mark on the history of IPL. He scored more than 300 runs in this tournament and 90% of his runs came in the form of boundary. He was the scariest batsman in the tournament for sure and changed the season of Delhi Capitals for good.

Tristan Stubbs has been a steal of the season. Bought at his base price of 50 lakh, there is no better bit of business done by any other franchise this year. He was scoring runs for fun, finishing the innings sensationally, was even bowling when needed and was a gun fielder throughout the tournament. If DC does not retain him next season, it might be the biggest blunder by them.

Sunil Narine was the MVP of the season undoubdetly. There was no one on his level. At one point he was a genuine contender for both the Orange and Purple cap. His form dipped a little bit at the end of the season but what he did before that was otherworldly. It was an abnormal season by the West Indies International and it won’t be repeated anytime soon.

Riyan Parag finally came out of his shell and showed the world what he is all about. We all knew that Parag was talented, but this season he did justice to his talent. Rajasthan’s most prolific batsman who saved them so many times and did everything. He stabilized the innings when needed, scored at an extreme rate or even slowed the innings as per the requirement.

Abhishek Sharma was a sensation in IPL 2024. He even outshined Travis Head at certain points and that is no easy task. Pat Cummins jokingly said that he won’t bowl to Abhishek and looks scary while batting. This statement shows the talent and potential Abhishek carries. And it has been so long since we got an upper order batsman who can bowl.

Jasprit Bumrah was undoudetly the biggest One Man Army in the tournament. While every other bowler was getting hit out of the park, he had an economy of 6. This is just absurd. He was the only shining light for Mumbai Indians in a season where they would like to forgert everything. With Bumrah, we can be assured of out ICC T20 World Cup 2024 bowling lineup.

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