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Stern Message from BCCI on Virat Kohli’s Exclusion from First Two Tests Against England, Check Out

Unraveling the BCCI's Firm Stance: Virat Kohli's Exclusion and the Call for Privacy

Virat Kohli

The cricketing world received a significant update as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced that star batsman Virat Kohli would not be participating in the first two Test matches against England. Citing ‘personal reasons,’ Kohli’s decision prompted a stern message from the BCCI, resonating across the cricketing community.

Kohli’s Personal Reasons

Virat Kohli, a stalwart in Indian cricket, approached the BCCI with a request to withdraw from the initial Tests against England, citing personal commitments that demand his undivided attention.

Previous Instances of Personal Absence

This isn’t the first time Kohli has stepped away for personal reasons. His absence in the first T20I against Afghanistan and an intra-squad match in South Africa underscores the importance of honoring personal engagements.

BCCI’s Stern Message

In response to Kohli’s decision, the BCCI conveyed a stern message, urging both the media and fans to respect the cricketer’s privacy. The board emphasized the need to refrain from speculating on the nature of Kohli’s personal reasons.

Replacement Announcement Imminent

Acknowledging Kohli’s absence, the BCCI assured the cricketing community that a replacement for the star batter would be announced in the coming days. The focus remains on supporting the remaining squad members as they prepare for the challenging Test series against England.

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