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Why Did Captain Cool Loose Control? MS Dhoni Threatens to Throw the Bottle on Cameraman, Watch

Find out when MS Dhoni's interaction with a photographer became a comical performance that delighted and delighted the crowd.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni played just one ball in Tuesday’s Indian Premier League 2024 match against the Lucknow Super Giants. Despite having little time on the field, MS Dhoni was nevertheless one of the players that photographers took the most pictures of during the game.

Dhoni’s Frustration with On-Screen Presence

In actuality, even when Dhoni is in the changing room, he is frequently seen on screen. Dhoni, who was clearly getting a little sick of seeing his face all the time on TV, yelled at a photographer and performed a bottle-throwing performance that had social media in stitches.

The camera crews covering the CSK matches in the ongoing IPL 2024 are aware of how much the fans like watching Dhoni. As a result, during their batting innings, players frequently have a peek of the former Chennai captain in the dressing room, observing the action. And every time, the audience loses it.

Bottle-Throwing Gesture Sparks Laughter Among Fans

Dhoni made a motion resembling hurling a water bottle at the cameraman as soon as he saw himself on the big screen. Fans laughed a lot at the video. Regarding the game, Marcus Stoinis, an all-rounder for LSG, beat the odds with his unrelenting assault, leading the Lucknow Super Giants past the Chennai Super Kings by six wickets with his first ton.

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