Ziva Dhoni Shares Adorable Video of MS Dhoni and Sakshi Playing with Pets, Watch

Explore poignant moments as Ziva Dhoni posts a lovely video of MS and Sakshi Dhoni spending time with their dogs on Instagram. Experience a glimpse of family time and pet companionship with this glimpse into the softer side of cricket's legend off the field.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni: Ziva Singh Dhoni, the daughter of cricket legend MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni, posted a sweet video on her Instagram account that shows a touching example of family unity. In a priceless moment captured on camera, MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni can be seen playing happily and affectionately with their cherished canines.

MS Dhoni’s Playful Interaction with Pets

The video offers a unique window into the Dhoni family’s private lives and instantly gained popularity on social media. It shows MS Dhoni, who is renowned for his calm temperament when playing cricket, in a laid-back and loving position as he engages in amusing interactions with their furry friends. Sakshi Dhoni jumps in as well, making the mood calm and lovely by laughing and cuddling with the canines.

MS Dhoni’s Endearing Bond with Pets

The Dhoni family’s devotion to sharing small joys and their love of animals are heartwarmingly brought to light by the video. It showcases MS Dhoni’s compassionate side off the field, where he cherishes downtime and time spent with his wife and animals. Ziva shared a glimpse of her domestic happiness on Instagram, showing how famous people value family ties and make enduring memories in their daily lives, including MS Dhoni.

Ziva’s father’s international renown has already made her a social media sensation. The cricket player’s social media accounts have frequently featured pictures of Ziva and her father’s beautiful relationship. Dhoni has shown his love for Ziva in a number of posts throughout the years. This time, on Father’s Day in 2024, MS Dhoni and his dog pals were included in a video that Ziva shared of the former Indian cricket player. Dhoni and Ziva can be seen enjoying themselves while playing with their canines.

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