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Zomato takes Potshot at Pakistan’s ICC ODI World Cup 2023 Exit! Post Goes Viral, Check it Out Here

This article surround Zomato's potshot at Pakistan's ICC ODI World Cup 2023 withdrawal, regardless of your level of interest in cricket or just casual observation of online phenomena.


Due to Cricket World Cup 2023 being held in India, there is a lot of enthusiasm among all the people and the excellent performance of the Indian team has doubled the enthusiasm of the countrymen. What gives more happiness to the Indian fans than winning the World Cup is India’s victory after the match between India and Pakistan.

India won its match against Pakistan but the fans’ dream of seeing India and Pakistan compete in the semi-finals remained unfulfilled as Pakistan was eliminated from the World Cup 2023. On this occasion, Zomato has shared a meme to make fun of the Pakistani cricket team.

Zomato makes fun of Pakistan Cricket Team

Zomato on Saturday shared two photos on its official Twitter (now known as X) account in which the Pakistani cricket team has been made fun of. In this photo, on one side Zomato’s delivery boy is sitting on his Bike and on the other side a plane is flying.

In this photo, Zomato has shown that their delivery boy is delivering the food and the plane is delivering the Pakistani team back to Pakistan. After this, the internet was flooded with reactions from netizens and they were happy.

Netizens reacted to the picture

The picture went viral online and netizens started reacting to the picture in the comment section because they loved how hilariously Zomato reacted to the whole scenario. One user wrote, ” Aate hi kaam shuru kar diye.” Another user wrote, “Itni bezaati kaise sehlete hai Pakistan Wale.”

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