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Air Pollution rises in Delhi-NCR! Medanta doctor says equivalent to smoking 30 cigarettes a day, here’s how to stay safe

The air quality in Delhi and nearby areas is very bad, which is comparable to smoking 30 cigarettes a day, according to specialists at Medanta, one of the top medical facilities in the area.

Even days before Diwali, air pollution is gradually increasing in Delhi. In the morning, pollution seems to be very high in the areas of Delhi and NCR and it seems as if the winter fog has just arrived. The air quality index (AQI) has crossed 400 in all areas of Delhi and the air has become polluted. The weather is very bad the whole day and people have difficulty in breathing, hence the doctor of Medanta has issued a warning for the children.

Medanta Hospital doctor issued a warning

Doctor Arvind Kumar, the lung specialist of Medanta Hospital issued a warning regarding the air pollution. While talking to ANI, the doctor explained in detail how the condition of children is worsening in times of air pollution.

He said, “All age groups are adversely affected by air pollution. You might wonder how an unborn child is affected because that child is not breathing. When the child’s mother is breathing, the toxins go to her lungs; through the lungs, they go into the blood; and through the placenta, they reach the child, and the fetus, and cause damage… When the child is born, they start breathing the same air. Our air quality is around 450–500, which is equal to about 25–30 cigarettes in terms of damage to the body… They have all sorts of breathing problems.”

How to stay safe from air pollution?

There are several ways to stay safe from the air pollution in Delhi. Follow these steps to keep yourself safe;

1. Stay Indoors

2. Keep doors and windows closed

3. Avoid exercise outdoors

4. Use masks

5. Use air-purifiers

6. Use public transport

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