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Bengaluru News: Safety Concerns Emerge in Bengaluru as Woman’s Car Chased: Social Media Outcry

Bengaluru, the renowned IT capital of India, has recently become the focal point of discussion on social media due to a concerning incident shared by a resident. Srijan R Shetty took to the platform X (formerly Twitter) to narrate a harrowing incident involving his wife, whose car was chased by a group of men. This incident has sparked a widespread debate on social media, with users sharing their own experiences and expressing concerns about safety in certain parts of the city.

Incident Details:
In the viral X post, Shetty expressed his shock at the incident, stating that although he had never felt unsafe in Bengaluru, the incident made him realize the vulnerability of certain areas in the city, especially post-10 p.m. He highlighted previous incidents in Sarjapur where hooligans attempted to blackmail people using fake accidents.

On November 8, Shetty’s wife offered to drop off colleagues, including two females and one male, due to the difficulty in getting a cab from Sarjapur. Their car was reportedly chased by a group of men for several kilometers. Shetty praised his wife’s quick thinking, as she stopped on the main road and promptly informed the police.

Swift Action and Safety Concerns:
Despite being pressured by the men to get out of the car and facing intimidation from tempo drivers, Shetty’s wife exhibited resilience and decision-making by calling the police and alerting friends. Shetty emphasized the lack of assistance from bystanders and called for urgent security measures in the city, particularly in areas like Sarjapur, which has witnessed similar incidents.

Social Media Response:
The post gained significant traction online, with users sharing their own safety concerns and experiences. Many echoed the need for improved security measures in Bengaluru to ensure the safety of residents, particularly during late hours.

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