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Bihar News: Anganwadi Honorarium Upgrade, Brighter Prospects Await Workers

Look forward to improvements for Bihar's Anganwadi workers as the state government gets ready to raise their honorarium.

Bihar News

Bihar News: The news for the staff is positive. There will be a rise in his honorarium soon. This will assist nearly two lakh workers, and the state government can make a significant decision in this area shortly.

Bihar’s Brightening Future

The decision has been made to raise the honoraria paid to 2.15 Anganwadi workers and assistants who are employed by 1.5 lakh Anganwadi centres in Bihar. In this case, the state government can decide swiftly and give directives. A proposal has been drafted by the Social Welfare Department to raise the honoraria paid to Anganwadi workers and assistants. This has been forwarded to the Council of State Ministers for approval.

Prompt Implementation of Honorary Raise

Official department sources say that the process of raising maids’ and assistants’ honoraria will begin right away following the state government’s decision. Anganwadi workers and assistance, including state government personnel, will reap significant rewards in such a scenario. It is thought that a 10% increase in the honorarium is possible.

Enriching Lives of Women

Currently, the honorarium paid to assistance is Rs 5900 and the maids receive Rs 6500. Through Anganwadi centres, the maids and assistants offer the ladies a variety of services, including the provision of wholesome dietary grains. Under the auspices of four significant organisations, Anganwadi workers and assistants have been demonstrating for the past month, making significant demands of the government.

Anganwadi Workers’ Unwavering Protest

Working under the banners of four major organisations, anganwadi workers and assistants have been on a continuous state of agitation since September 29. Bihar State Anganwadi Sangh is putting demands on the government, such as implementing the labour law, increasing district-level recognition through cones, and establishing the Bihar State Joint Struggle Committee. Additionally, in this case, their honorarium will rise by ten percent. A planned increase proposal has been forwarded to the Cabinet for approval. The state government’s approval is required before any instructions in this area are issued. Whose benefits the workers will be entitled to. His honorarium will show a significant rise.

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