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Home States Ghaziabad News: Major Fraud Unearthed in Ghaziabad Car Showroom: Customers Demand Justice

Ghaziabad News: Major Fraud Unearthed in Ghaziabad Car Showroom: Customers Demand Justice

A significant case of fraud has emerged in a prominent car showroom in Ghaziabad, where a sales consultant allegedly vanished with lakhs of rupees collected from customers. The accused, identified as Rajeev Mishra, worked at the Prime Honda showroom of M/s Capital Car Private Limited in Vaishali. Mishra, who joined the company in January 2023, reportedly resigned after 8 months, leaving the management unaware of his activities. It was later discovered that he had taken money from multiple customers for car purchases, utilizing UPI transfers and checks. The car showroom, owned by the Dubai-based A.W. Rostamani Group, has filed a complaint with the police against Mishra for fraudulent activities.

Customers Demand Refunds as Fraud Unravels

Following the revelation of the fraud, customers who fell victim to Rajeev Mishra’s alleged scam are now demanding justice and the return of their money. Mishra reportedly provided fake receipts to customers, misleading them about their transactions. The car showroom management has initiated efforts to refund some customers, engaging with Mishra to address the issue. However, dissatisfaction among the affected customers has led to formal complaints and an ongoing police investigation.

Showroom Owners Grapple With Fallout: A.W. Rostamani Group Takes Action

The Prime Honda showroom, part of the A.W. Rostamani Group, is currently grappling with the fallout of the fraudulent activities. With a formal police complaint filed against Mishra, the investigation is underway to ascertain the extent of the financial discrepancies. As customers seek redress and justice, the case underscores the need for robust measures within the automotive industry to prevent fraudulent activities and protect the interests of unsuspecting buyers.

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