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Greater Noida News: Surprising! Girl Falls ill After Eating Walnut, Dry Fruit Company Asked to Refund The Amount With Interest, Check Why

Learn about the concerning Greater Noida case where a girl becomes ill after eating walnuts and demands a refund with interest.

Greater Noida News: One kilogramme of walnuts had been ordered online by a city resident. It is said that after consuming walnuts, the child’s health declined and he had a stomach ailment. admitted to the medical facility. In this instance, the victim complained to the business.

Refusal to Acknowledge Error

The business refused to acknowledge its error. The victim in this instance filed a complaint with the District Consumer Commission. Within 30 days, the court has mandated that you pay Rs 500 with 8% interest. In addition, Rs 4,000 will be needed to cover legal fees and mental suffering.

On June 9, 2021, Sector Omicron resident Ved Prakash Sharma placed an order for one kilogramme of walnuts. asked the supplier who came to place the order about the quality as well. Supplier Suraj Kumar promised that in the event of poor quality, it will be returned. The child’s health declined the following day after consuming walnuts, according to Ved Prakash. His stomach began to hurt.

Child’s Health Crisis Unfolds

After the child was admitted to the hospital right away, his stomach illness from eating walnuts was discovered during his therapy. It also cost about Twenty Thousand Rupees. He filed a lawsuit with the District Consumer Commission when the supplier failed to provide an accurate response. Chairman of the Commission Anil Kumar Pundir and Member Anju Sharma heard all sides of the issue, but the company did not respond. The court decided in the consumer’s favour in this instance.

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