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Home States Haryana Haryana News: Haryana Police Reverses Decision on NSA Charges Against Farmer Leaders

Haryana News: Haryana Police Reverses Decision on NSA Charges Against Farmer Leaders

Farmer Protest

Haryana News: In a surprising turn of events, the Haryana Police has retracted its earlier announcement to invoke the National Security Act (NSA) against farmer leaders protesting along the state’s border with Punjab. The Inspector General of Police (Ambala), Sibash Kabiraj, issued a statement on Friday morning, clarifying the reconsideration that led to the decision not to proceed with NSA charges against the protesting farmers.

The initial decision to invoke NSA against the farmer leaders had been met with criticism and concerns about its potential impact on the ongoing protests.

Details of the Reversal:

  1. NSA Charges Withdrawn:
    The latest statement by Haryana Police emphatically stated that the NSA charges would not be invoked against the protesting farmer leaders. This marks a reversal of the earlier decision announced by the police.
  2. Process Initiated, Not Invoked:
    While the police had initiated the process for invoking NSA, it clarified that the charges had not been formally invoked against the farmer leaders. This distinction suggests a reconsideration of the severity of the legal measures.
  3. Maintaining Law and Order:
    The statement included an appeal to the protesters and their leaders to maintain peace and cooperate with the authorities in ensuring law and order. This indicates a desire for peaceful resolution and dialogue.

Background and Earlier Announcement:

Late on Thursday evening, the Ambala police had officially announced its decision to start the process of detaining farmer leaders. The rationale provided was to prevent a disturbance in social harmony and maintain law and order. The announcement mentioned ongoing efforts by farmers to breach barricades at the Shambhu border since February 13, contributing to attempts to uphold law and order.

The police had also highlighted provocative actions, stone-pelting incidents, and the spread of inflammatory speeches through social media platforms. The decision to invoke NSA had raised concerns about potential escalation and its impact on the dynamics of the farmer protests.

This development underscores the complexity and sensitivity surrounding the farmer protests and the ongoing efforts by authorities to manage the situation while balancing the rights of citizens to peaceful dissent.

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