How to Register and Get Your E-Challan Waived Easily! Check Step-by-Step Process

Traffic Challan

It might be distressing to get an E-Challan for traffic violations, but there is a solution! A chance to address these problems, including traffic tickets, is provided by Lok Adalats, which are planned to be formed in several states, including Delhi. This is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you go through the procedure and perhaps have your challan forgiven.

Registering for Lok Adalat Appointment

To begin, mark your calendar for May 7th when the online appointment slots will open for the Lok Adalat scheduled on May 11th.

Booking Your Slot

When the page opens on May 7th at 10 am, act fast! Slots fill up quickly, sometimes within minutes. Be punctual because being late means missing out on a slot. You must complete all bookings within the short window of availability.

Attending the Court Hearing

Make sure you show up for the planned court hearing on May 11th. A judge will hear your case and decide how much, if any, you must pay. In some cases, the offender may receive relief by having the entire challan waived.

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