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Kanpur News: Teacher’s Lover Suspected in Kanpur Teen’s Murder, Followed by Ransom Note

A horrible event occurs in Kanpur when the teacher's lover is accused of killing a 17-year-old student.

Kanpur News: According to authorities, a 17-year-old boy in Kanpur was murdered by his teacher’s lover, who also sent a ransom note to the boy’s family to make it appear as though the boy had been kidnapped. According to the police, the boy, a class 10 student, was taken to a store room by Prabhat Shukla, who also happens to be Rachita’s tuition teacher.

Surveillance Footage Reveals the Teen’s Willing Follow

Police added that the child voluntarily followed Prabhat from his house to the storage room after looking through CCTV footage. He follows Prabhat since he told him that his teacher, Rachita, is calling. According to the police, the youngster and Prabhat can be seen going together into the room. After roughly twenty minutes, Prabhat emerges, but the youngster does not. Police say that no one else appears to have entered the room after that, based on a preliminary investigation.

Accused Changes Attire and Flees on Victim’s Scooter

After changing into a new outfit, the accused is seen riding the boy’s scooter away. In this case, Prabhat, Rachita, age 21, and their companion Aryan have been taken into custody by the police. The family allegedly received a letter requesting a ransom as well. However, an initial inquiry has shown that the youngster was killed prior to the letter being delivered.

Boy Murdered Before Ransom Letter

“Preliminary investigation reveals the teen was murdered before the letter asking for ransom. The threat letter was a tactic to divert attention,” police said.  The murder‘s motivation is currently unknown.

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